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Image of Digital Printing, Providing Comprehensive Solutions for Our Printing Needs

Digital Printing, Providing Comprehensive Solutions for Our Printing Needs

Historians have confirmed that the earliest form of printing was a type of woodblock printing thought to have been first seen in China around 220 A.D. However, there is historical evidence that shows cuneiform writing systems were prevalent in 3000 BC in Iraq; they used clay as the medium to make markings using pen-shaped instruments. Modern printing using a printing press was invented by Johannes Gutenberg sometime in the 15th century.


Digital Printing Services

Currently, printing is often taken for granted, but there has been such a lot of development in the printing process since the early Gutenberg press. Since those early days, printing has gone through a lot of development. There has been trial and error as well as discoveries before ending up with the letterpress, offset lithography, gravure, and screen printing before the dawn of digital printing. Like many other countries, Ireland too went through these different phases before digital printing became the norm. Currently, there are many professional companies offering digital printing services in Ireland using the very latest in equipment. Modern printing services are not limited to paper but can be used to print out barcodes, aluminium nameplates, QR codes, aluminium and anodised aluminium nameplates, various types of labels, security labels, graphic overlays, custom decals, engraved metal labels, vinyl and digital labels, vinyl labels.


Metal Printing Capabilities

Modern printing services in Ireland also provide their clients with other printing capabilities for a lot of industries ranging from engineering, electronics, aerospace, military to architectural and infrastructure projects. The modern digital printing presses are very easily adaptable to print on plastics, metals, and other materials. Because of these properties, they can print out handling and warning instructions for electrical panels and machines. For different types of industries, printing companies need to have the capability to handle heavy duty signs for companies and industries. These labels need to be able to handle all types of severe atmospheric conditions prevalent in Ireland and their clients around the world. Advancing on this type of printing, modern printing presses can print anodised aluminium labels which are very difficult to tamper, scratch, and disfigure.


Upgrading Printing Techniques

Many of these aluminium labels and/or plates can be individualized or customized to contain batch identification numbers, serial numbers, barcodes, and even QR codes. These modern forms of printing are vital in the retail, manufacture, and quality control industries. Modern digital printing services in Ireland are rising in popularity, which is why printing companies are constantly upgrading to ensure that they keep abreast of the latest in modern technology, which also includes 3-D printing. While keeping up-to-date with modern printing technology, they also ensure that they meet and even exceed modern ecological standards. By going in for digital printing processes, printing companies can rest easy because they do not have to often replace plates and films used in offset printing.

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