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Image of Getting the Best Out Of Your Digital Printing Service Provider

Getting the Best Out Of Your Digital Printing Service Provider

Print vs. digital

The digital world runs most of our lives these days. This has had an impact on the way we do almost everything and advertising is no exception. However, there are still instances where print advertising does come in handy. Hoardings and banners etc. still form an important part of campaigns.


Before you set of to get your files printed at someone who offers banner printing services in Ireland, it is important to make sure that the file in question is suited to this kind of printing. Files not prepped correctly for this process will only lead to loss of quality, time and money.


Prepping a file

Once you have the concept and artwork in place for your banner, don’t rush it to someone who offers printing services in Ireland, immediately. Once you have identified a vendor to do the job, find out how he wants the file, i.e. the format. This is very important. Sending the vendor, a file in an incompatible format will only result in bad printing or delays. Avoid all of this by talking to the printer in the beginning and then briefing your creative accordingly.



Every business likes to use fonts that stand out – that make their ad look different, and this is a good thing. But one must remember to send those fonts along with the file in question so that the vendor offering you banner printing services in Ireland, has no problem processing the file. You could also send them a file that has the fonts embedded. This is applicable only to artwork that uses fonts.


Using good quality images

Images are where most people who use banner printing services in Ireland, have a problem. This needn’t be the case though. To avoid quality issues at the end, it is best to talk with your vendor in the beginning and get all the details of the size, quality, format of the images required. Getting this right, in the beginning, will save a lot of time and hassle when it comes to the printing. All you have to do is hand over this information to your creative so that they can proceed accordingly.


Identify a vendor with high quality material

Good printing and clever design go hand in hand. One really cannot exist without the other. Therefore, it is important to scope out the vendor who is offering you banner printing services in Ireland first. The materials used, the printer, the quality of inks etc. all play a significant role in how the end product finally looks. Identifying a vendor who offers the best is the key.

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