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Image of Importance of Good Quality Digital Labeling

Importance of Good Quality Digital Labeling

Digital labeling is used in different products such as specialty foods, bath and body packaging, cosmetics, beverages, home décor, food industry, in the pharmaceutical industry, and in almost every facet of life. Digital labels are produced with the help of digital printing technology. Digital labels have to be attractive and of good quality so that it catches the eye of potential customers. However, it also has to be cost-effective with quick turnarounds on orders. The biggest advantage of digital labeling is that it gives you a lot of flexibility to try out different types of labels at minimum cost so that you can choose the best for your product. Printed labels in Ireland can be found in products as diverse as household appliances right up to the aerospace industries.


Types of Printed Labels in the Industry

Labeling is very essential in today’s world to carry information or to identify the product that you are manufacturing or using. Labels are made of plastic or metal depending upon the product for which it is used. Plastic labels which are engraved with information pertaining to the product can be found on push button tags, control panels, or valve tags. The advantage of using plastic labels is that it is very versatile and easily used indoors. The size and shape can be made to any specifications in a variety of colors. It is heat resistant and abrasive resistant and available at competitive prices. Printed labels in Ireland made of plastic are front engraved or reverse engraved.


Pros of Using Metal Labeling On Products

Metal tags are engraved with the information required by the user such as ID tags, asset identification tags, and is generally used in the military, industrial, aerospace, or commercial areas. The metals used are aluminum, anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and ultra-durable Metal photo. The reason why metal tags are used in the military is that they are durable and able to withstand extreme temperatures, harsh environments, and even subsea conditions. Printed metal labels in Ireland can be made to the specifications required and the engraved or etched information is filled with paint to make it easily decipherable. The advantage of choosing digital labels is that you get high resolution printed information. The cost is also reasonable for the level of clarity in the imagery and print used.


High Resolution Nameplates to Convey Confidence in Product

Printed labels in Ireland also include nameplates to identify a product and give vital information about it including serial numbers. They can be 2 or 3 dimensional and made of brass, steel, or aluminum. They are needed on products used in the railways, military, and medical services. Nameplates can be customized to requirements of the clients. They are ideal for the outdoors and harsh weather conditions. Depending on the metal used, the metal labels or nameplates can portray a stylish or chic appearance. Metal nameplates are more expensive than plastic ones and suggest confidence by the manufacturer in his product.

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